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Are leaky pixels silently draining your ad-spend and limiting growth?


Unblockable First-Party Pixel Tracking Solution for Shopify Merchants

Multiple pixel support for Facebook, Google Analytics 4, TikTok, Google Ads, Snapchat and More!

100% Accurate Conversion Tracking with Server Side Conversion API

Prevent up to 30% data loss, bypass ad-block, cookies, and IOS 14.5+ changes

Guaranteed to improve your ROAS in 60 days or your money back.

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Not (just) Another Attribution App.

Google and Facebook are Billion dollar advertising machines.  They’ve invested decades and employed thousands of engineers to develop sophisticated algorithms to find the right people to show the right ads at the right time.


But these algorithms are data hungry BEASTS.   And they require that we feed them accurate and complete data.  The more we feed data points on a user, the algos get STRONGER and perform better.  


Algos are currently data STARVED due to IOS14.5, IDFA changes, Adblockers, privacy forward browser and a multitude of regulatory bodies who are out to kill it.


Some platforms mistakenly believe that if they could just get pre IOS14.5 reporting back, they would be able to operate again at full strength.  They focus on recreating attribution calculations.


THIS APPROACH IS WRONG. (or incomplete at best)


While reporting has been negatively impacted, it is just another symptom, not the root cause. 

Do you believe you can do attribution better than Facebook? 

We don't.


Our mission is to fill the gap created and restore the data accuracy and thus the algos to their former glory.  We give you a POWERFUL first party data tracking toolkit.

  • Circumvent IOS14.5 IDFA changes with device fingerprinting

  • Bypass adblockers

  • Unmasking of anonymous users

  • Fault- tolerant server side tracking by default


FEED THE BEAST (with great data).   

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